August 4-6   

Professional Development (No School)

August 7

Registration/Early Dismissal for Students

August 8

Teacher Prep Day (No School)

August 11-29

Students Present

September 1

Labor Day (No School)

September 2-18

Students Present

September 19

1/2 Teacher Prep., 1/2 Parent Teacher Conference

Sept. 22-Oct. 7

Students Present

October 8

Professional Development (No School)

October 8-10

Fall Break for Students (No School)

October 9-10 

Fall Break for Staff (No School) 

Oct. 13-Nov.265

Students Present

November 26-28

Thanksgiving (No School)

December 1-19

Students Present; Early Dismissal on the 19th

Dec. 22-Jan. 2 

Christmas and New Year's Holiday (No School)

January 5-15

Students Present

January 16

Professional Development (No School)

January 19 

 MLK Day (No School)

 Jan. 20-Feb.12 

 Students Present

 February 13 

 1/2 Teacher Prep., 1/2 Parent/Teacher Conf.

February 16 

Presidents' Day (No School) 

Feb. 17-April 2 

Students Present

April 3 

Good Friday (No School)

 April 6-10

Spring Break (No School)            

 April 13-May 22  Students Present 
 May 25  Memorial Day (No School)
 May 26-29*  Students Present; Early Dismissal on the 29th


*Because of school cancellations due to inclement weather, this school year has been extended by 2 additional days.
*Graduation Date is unaffected.