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The School Support Organization Financial Accountability Act, or Public Chapter 326 (SSOFAA), was passed in May 2007 by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.  As such, the law legitimized school support organizations and established accountability measures for the collecting and accounting of funds that were intended to benefit schools and students. 


As part of compliance with the law, Union City Schools adopted Board Policy to establish our rules and regulations over these organizations.  This Policy #2.404 was approved by the Board of Education on September 11, 2007We have enclosed forms to assist School Support Organizations in complying with Board Policy.

Also, the Comptroller of the Treasury, Division of Municipal Audit,, has a website that provides an invaluable resource for anyone with questions pertaining to these organizations and compliance with the law.


The following forms are online to meet the requirements of Union City Schools Board Policy for School Support Organizations.


●  Checklist for filing as a School Support Organization

●  School Support Group Cooperative Agreement

●  Goals and Objectives of the Organization

●  School Support Organization Annual Financial Report

●  School Support Organization Annual Information Form

●  Model Financial Policy for School Support Organizations

  (Procedures Manual) may be printed form the website below:


 If you would like further information, please contact Cindy Davis with the Union City Board of Education at 731-885-3922.

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