Bus Rules

Union City Schools Bus Rules

     Always be respectful toward bus driver/other students

    No loud talking (or other excessive noise)

    No profanity or other inappropriate language

    No vandalism (marking on/destroying school property)

    Always sit down in the seat/turned around in the seat

    No hitting/pushing/grabbing/pulling/spitting


    No eating/drinking on the bus

    Never litter the bus

    Always stay in your seat while the bus is moving

    Never put hands/belongings out the bus window

    Always sit in assigned seat if instructed by your driver

    Always allow others to sit down


At any time a student does anything that distracts the bus driver,he/she immediately puts all of the passengers in danger. It is absolutely necessary that ALL bus rules be followed!Please discuss the importance of this with your child.If your child fails to follow bus rules,it is likely that he/she  will lose the privilege of riding the bus for a period of time that will be determined by your child's principal.